Grab your Cheat Sheet below - 8 key things you must know when moving overseas

  • Are you moving overseas
  • Are you looking for a cost effective way to shift your household goods?
  • Do you want some specialist advice so you can make the best choice for you?
  • How much money would you like to save?

If you are prepared to do some of the work yourselves you can make great savings

The self pack container option may be for you...

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This service is suitable for Full Container Loads Only!

3 options are available to you

Mark Salmon    t Freight Expert

I have more than 40 years experience in the freight forwarding industry. Over the years I have assisted many people in moving all of their worldly goods from one country to another.  If you are paying for the move yourself - then we can offer you 3 ways to move your household goods from here to another country.  All of them based on a full container load self pack option - so depending upon how hands on you want to be - you can make great savings for yourself and your family.

Call Us Today!  02 9706 5996

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